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Kathy Nealon

Sales Analyst

Let me introduce myself, I am Kathy Nealon. Currently I am working as a Sales Research Analyst. I do research to find Owners, Presidents and decision makers within companies that fit within the GoDo target range. I look for a variety of information about what exactly does the company offer its guest or visitors. And how can we make a proper contact with them to possible offer them a better opportunity to help them to achieve their goals as a company.

When talking about myself I didn’t know what to say because so much of my life is based around my family. I am a Wife, a Mom to four, and a Nana to five great Grandkids. So who better to describe me but my family so I asked my Grandkids to tell you about me and here are their responses. Emilee; that you have a bunch of grandchildren , Mya; u r an amazing nana u r fun funny u love to cook n bake u r food yummy. Brayden; I am too strict, I love all of my grandkids, and I do anything for them all of the time. Madison; she is always kind, helpful and caring. Cameron; she loves to sing in the car, she sings a lot. Kids can be amazing creatures at times!