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Who are we? Just a bunch of industry experts who are fanatical about providing great software, the best customer service in the industry, and helping you grow your company.

There has to be a better way....

Through our years of hands-on experience running and advising tour operations, it became painfully obvious - the booking platform companies that existed didn't do much to help you beyond the initial sales pitch to get you to sign-up. They were always in sales mode and when we needed help, they had moved on.

From the first meeting, when the idea for GoDo was conceived, we knew we had to be radically different than anything else out there. We were tired of those companies (who are now our competitors) talking about how much they improve their clients' business, but in reality, they did little to nothing.

Being in the tourism industry ourselves, we knew many very good people who were struggling to make ends meet with their Tour Company, their Activity Company. They heard the promises about how this company or that company is going to improve their business, if you only sign up for their reservation software. And in the end, they switched and nothing changed. Where were these improvements to their business that they were told would happen?

A company that has 'been there - done that'

GoDo's founder, Timothy Nealon, started his own tour company back in 2012. In 5 years, he grew his Tour Company into a multi-million dollar operation with almost 200,000 annual guests.

To build out the GoDo team, Tim brought in industry experts who have spent over 60 combined years working in the ticketing, tour, and tourism industries.

GoDo is the company who has, literally, been in your shoes before. We understand your pains, your concerns, and your goals better than any other 'online booking' company possibly could.

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GoDo is a whole team of industry veterans

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