Ryan Hawkins | Lead QA Analyst at GoDo

Ryan Hawkins | Lead QA Analyst

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Ryan Hawkins

Ryan Hawkins

Lead QA Analyst

Ryan has over 15 years past experience performing quality assurance testing, product management and customer service, predominantly for the same type of e-booking platform within the tourism industry that GoDo provides. While wearing multiple hats in customer service and tech at a startup company, he developed a unique perspective on how to build the optimal user experience for both the business operator and its customers. His high attention to detail, down to the level of a graphic designer's obsession over a single pixel, has often been labeled as a key asset. Most importantly, he is always seeking to help others. He was pursuing a career shift into nursing, when GoDo's awesome potential reigned him back in.

Ryan grew up in San Jose, CA, before it was vastly re-imagined by the Silicon Valley culture. He went to college at Boston University, initially seeking a major in Astrophysics via inspiration from Stephen Hawking's "Brief History of Time"; but ultimately settling with more realistic degrees in English, Journalism and Russian Studies.

Rather strangely, he became a diehard Yankees' fan as a student in Boston. It helped that the Yankees were winning multiple championships, but this only made his neighbors viciously hate them even more. He was moved out to NYC via his first job, and has since been a resident of Brooklyn for over 15 years. He hates the Knicks (if not all NBA), pretends to like the Giants (honestly roots more for the Packers, Steelers and Saints) and was at least fond of the Islanders back when they were in Long Island.

He is a long-time fan of jazz over its entire history, with occasional breaks to explore all other types of music. Regrettably, however, he has never played an instrument in his life. He has also at one point owned - if not admittedly watched - the entire Criterion Collection of classic film. He cannot wait to see Criterion's first 4K UHD release!