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Suzy Wilson

Suzy Wilson

Call Center Supervisor

Suzy Wilson has almost 30 years of experience in call center management.

Beginning in 1999, she earned a leadership role with where she oversaw the day-to-day operations of "white glove" service teams. These teams handled multiple levels of expertise such as schedule changes, fraud mitigation, and corporate travel services. Additionally, Suzy was a front office trainer for and Expedia Corporate Travel. She conducted “train the trainer” sessions, assisted in instructional design for training materials, and traveled to multiple locations throughout the U.S. to share her expertise. One of Suzy’s career goals has been to help her employees reach their full potential through a structured learning environment. sought Suzy out to handle their quality assurance coordinator role based on her proven record of success in other areas of call center management.

In all of the roles she has occupied within the call center environment, Suzy has learned the strength of an organization rests in the staff charged with answering each customer’s questions through various forms of correspondence. She understands the importance of working in harmony on an inter-departmental level to achieve client objectives. The call center staff must offer the seamless bridge to grow the client’s business. This formula for success is rooted in the fact each leader, each trainer, each recruiter and each quality assurance staff member are pivotal in the overall success of each agent. Suzy has the insight to guide this ongoing process by providing sound decisive leadership and providing each person the tools, training, and current information to handle all aspects of the client’s needs.