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Allow us to show you why GoDo is the best booking and reservation software for Fishing Charter Companies

From waivers, to manifest management, and gathering reviews, GoDo helps you grow your Fishing Charter & Guide Company

Spend more time on the water. Trust GoDo to help you get more people on the boats while making your life easier

As a Fishing Charter Operator, you have enough tasks to keep you busy. You shouldn't have to worry about your Software, or whether your website is working well. That is why you need GoDo

While Fishing Charters are more of a nichรจ company, rest assured that our software will enable you to run your company with less headaches. GoDo's software also works with any website, encouraging more people to click that 'Buy Tickets' button.

In addition, many Fishing Charter companies keep their engines running by offering other kinds of activities when they're not running Charters. If you're one of those companies that also offer Dolphin Tours, or any other guided tours, GoDo will provide you with a single place to manage all of your offerings.

The team at GoDo is experienced when it comes to helping Activity companies of all kinds become more profitable and less chaotic! Starting with our Activity Operator Software, which is ideal for companies who operate Fishing Charters, and then finishing with our Web Design and Marketing experts, GoDo is your one stop shop if you're operating any kind of Fishing Charter.

Hook more guests with our Online Booking Software

It is no secret that more than ever your guests expect a quick and easy ticket buying process. GoDo allows you to sell tickets for your Fishing trips online. By simply placing a small snippet of code on your website you can be selling tickets in a matter of minutes!

GoDo also gives you the ability to manage your guests before and after they join you. We allow you to edit your customers, send them emails asking them to review your attraction, and much more.

Our inventory management system will make setting up your ticket sales a breeze. Whether you want to limit certain time slots, automatically increase capacity, or sell add-ons to increase your revenue, GoDo will make all of this as easy as can be.

For more information about our software for Fishing Charter companies simply get in touch with us or schedule a no-obligation demo.

Receive your FREE Website Analysis

If you're not convinced that GoDo can improve your Company and increase your revenue - allow us to show you. Receive a FREE Website Analysis (a $299 value) for simply inquiring about GoDo's Software.

Features of our software that are geared towards Fishing Charter companies

It isn't practical to list everything that GoDo does - however, here are some of the most used features of GoDo which Fishing Charters love

Sell your tickets online

Everyone knows how important it is to sell your tickets online. GoDo has an optimized Booking Flow, making it easy for your guests.

IOS and Android Apps

Whether you're an iPhone or Android fan, our apps will allow your Captains and others to work remotely. Our Admin App is coming in 2019.

Mobile Friendly Interface

If you're not a fan of using Apps, you'll love the fact that GoDo works just as great in a mobile browser as it does on a desktop.

Sell MORE Tickets

Every booking system can sell your tickets. GoDo will provide you with the tools and data you need to sell more tickets.

Advanced Scheduling

Managing numerous Boat Personnel and other staff can be a drain on your time and sanity. GoDo makes scheduling a breeze.

Robust Reporting

Complete Reporting features are vital to improving your company. GoDo's reporting is sure to be the best you've ever used.

Built-in Waivers

While not all of our clients who run Boat Tours use waivers, if your company is one that does GoDo has your company covered with waiver management.

Smart Alerts

Are you tired of missing opportunities to make more sales, or customer service issues? Our Smart Alerts keep you informed.

Intuitive Software

We designed GoDo to be the easiest Online Booking Software to use. Stop being frustrated with unnecessarily complicated software.

Sell Add-ons

Whether it is a t-shirt, a membership, or anything else, GoDo allows you to sell any additional item that you offer.

Built-in Invoicing

Frustrated with not being able to create invoices within your booking system and collect deposits and partial payments? You can do this on GoDo.

Customizable Emails

GoDo allows you to customize emails sent to your customers. Because they're your customers.


Are you tired of losing out on revenue, or having to juggle guests when an event is cancelled. In GoDo, you simply issue a raincheck!

Control Center

Instead of just using a Calendar as your Dashboard, GoDo created a Dashboard which shows you everything, and makes tasks easy.

Integrated Support

If you have any questions about using GoDo, we offer Integrated Support for all clients. No more emailing or calling support if you don't want to!

Web Design for Fishing Charter Companies

Here at GoDo we only work with Tour and Activity Companies, including Fishing Charters. This is an important point to make, as our experience in building websites which can actually be found, and convert your site visitors is crucial to any business' success.

When people search for Fishing Charters in your area, we want them to find your website before they find your competitors' websites. And once they're on your website, we want them to book your Charter. We combine these two efforts into every website we build.

Ensuring your Website can be found in Search

While our web design services are different than our in-depth Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, every website we build is put together with SEO in mind. Our goal is to make your website more search engine friendly, even if you don't want to hire GoDo for your SEO services.

Addressing these concerns right away is very important. Often times a website which is already built is harder to make SEO friendly. However, as we build your website we ensure all of the pieces are in place to help your website climb the rankings when potenital guests search for 'Fishing Charters' and other related keywords.

All websites are Mobile Friendly

It goes without saying - most of your potential guests are now looking for your servcies on mobile devices. Every website that GoDo builds is built with this fact in mind. Whether your potential guest is looking for Fishing Charters on their phone, a tablet, or their computer, rest assured that they'll have a great experience. This leads to higher conversions, which leads to more revenue for you!

Are you ready to spend less time getting more people on your Fishing Charter?

Whether you need a new website, help getting more guests, or a better online booking software, GoDo is the ideal partner.