There are few activities more exhilarating than Ziplining or Ropes Courses. Cruising through the treetops on a Zipline, or taking on the challenge of a Ropes Course is an exciting way to spend a beautiful day.

However, running one of these companies can sometimes feel like more of an obstacle course than what it needs to. With guest safety, legal, staff management and ticket sales to contend with, some days may leave you wishing you had another team to help carry the load.

Enter GoDo: Sure, we're primarily known as an Online Booking Engine, but GoDo does so much more. Our software will not only provide you with the perfect solution for selling your tickets and managing your events, it will also give you other tools, such as advanced payroll and scheduling tools, smart alerts, and much more, to make running your company easier.

GoDo even has built our own Waiver Management System. You no longer need a 3rd party company to handle your waivers. If you're still using pen and paper for your waivers, rest assured that our waiver process is using the same technology that ensures digital signatures hold up for legal purposes just as well as hand-written signatures.

Features for Zip Line Companies

While it isn't practical to list all of our features, rest assured that GoDo is powerful, and flexible enough to help grow your company, increase ticket sales, and make your life easier.

Online Booking System

Built by Tour Operators, we believe GoDo's online booking/reservation system is the best in the business. We think you'll agree.

Staff Management

Allow GoDo to keep track (and calculate) your payroll, your scheduling (for all employees) and more. Free up time to grow your company.

Complete Waiver Management

Stop paying extra for your Waivers. GoDo offers a complete Waiver System as part of our system.

Smart Alerts

Whether you're an owner-operator, or have a team of guides, you need to stay on top of a lot. Allow of custimable smart alerts to help!

Custom Invoicing

Are you using a 3rd party invoicing company? GoDo has a complete invoicing system, with the ability for your guests to pay online.

Sell Add-ons and Gift Certificates

GoDo makes it easy to sell add-ons (think t-shirts, etc) or gift certicates. Sell on your website, or from the Admin area.

Are you ready to learn more about GoDo?