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The ONLY US-based Call Center, exclusively for Tour and Activity Companies

One of the biggest problems for tour and activity companies is, “Who is going to answer all of our calls?”

  • Are you tired of losing sales when you can’t get to your phone?
  • Our professional call center will engage with your guests, listen to their needs and provide exceptional customer service on your behalf
  • We own our own call center – we don’t outsource a single call
  • Our Call Center is US-Based, located outside of New Orleans
  • Trained in inbound call sales techniques, our agents will get you more sales than any other Call Center
  • Our agents are trained to mimic your company – following your procedures

An average-sized tour company can receive up to 100 calls per day; customer service calls, sales calls, questions, and more. Isn’t there something better you can be doing with your time than answering the same questions over and over again? We free up the time you’d spend on your phone calls, allowing you to spend that time on more productive or meaningful things. Spend that time building your company, spending it with your family, or anything else you want to do.

“I have not had to answer my business line once in three months… My customers are being taken care of, orders placed, and problems solved. Once you use GoDo call center you’ll never go back”

Mark Reyland – CEO of Chucktown Tours

“Using GoDo’s Call Center was one of the best things we ever did for our business. Being able to work ON my business and not FOR it has made my company more successful and my life happier”

Grymm Dupp – Founder of Twisted History Tours

What makes our Call Center different?

Dedicated customer service and sales people

All of our agents are based in the United States

We service all calls, but you only pay a nominal fee when we sell tickets

We assign a custom number and greeting specific to your company

We answer the phone 18 hours/day

All of your calls are recorded, holding us to the highest standards

GoDo’s Call Center is 100% in-house. We do not outsource a single call

How can our Call Center help you?

What makes GoDo’s Call Center a huge asset is the quality of our staff and how far they’re willing to go to ensure your success and your customers’ satisfaction. Not only can we handle all of your public-activity telephone sales, but we can also help with other customer service matters. Is weather causing you problems, requiring you to cancel a tour or activity? Simply let us know and we’ll call all of your guests letting them know. We can reschedule them, or refund them, based on your instructions.

Don't Miss Ticket Sales

Our Call Center Agents process your orders and ticket sales. Trained in inbound sales techniques, we work to turn as many calls into sales as possible.

A+ Customer Service

All of our Agents are trained in Customer Support. Allow us to delight your guests with great customer service, making you look good!

Directions, and more

Do you get tired of guests getting lost? Or giving the same directions out all of the time? Our agents know how to get your guests to your starting location.

Help with Reschedules

If your company often has to handle rescheduling guests because of weather, or any other reason, our Agents can do that for you too - and much more!

“But, I’m being told Phone Calls are not important”

Yeah, we’ve heard that some online booking software companies are telling people that phone calls are not important to your business and you should try to limit them. What rubbish.

So why would some of our competitors tell you that you should drive more people to purchase tickets through your website? Why would they tell that phone calls are not important as people will always buy through your website? It is simple – they don’t offer a Call Center as GoDo does – and they’re more interested in adding more clients to impress their investors than they are about doing the right thing for their clients or telling the truth. Yeah, we said it.

Stop losing money to your competitors!

If you’re not answering your phone calls when people call you’re losing out on a lot of ticket sales. 

There have been many studies down about the telecommunication fields and customer behavior. One of the more eye-opening studies was done in 2017 by an esteemed research group. The finds of their study will show you that your phone calls are just as important as ever – despite what other online booking software companies will tell you.

  • 76% of people said that they would not try to call a company back if they did not pick up
  • 84% of people said that they do not trust a company who won’t answer their phone calls
  • 63% of people who didn’t get ahold of your company say they’ll buy from a competitor instead
  • 17% of people said that they’ll answer the call if the company would try to call back

All of this means that if you’re not treating your customer service and ticket sales from phone calls as important as they are – you’re losing out on a lot of revenue!

Use the GoDo Call Center for Tour Companies to stop losing money to competitors.

Call Center Pricing

GoDo Partners

$1 per ticket sold

Our pricing for our Call Center is easy to understand. When our call center sells tickets for you we charge $1 per ticket automatically.

We stil answer all of your calls, including customer support and inquiries for free.

Other Booking Systems

$1 per Phone Call

You don’t need to use GoDo’s online booking software to use our Call Center. However, the pricing is different.

Each month we’ll send you a detailed report showing all of your phone calls. We simply bill you $1 for any phone call longer than 30 seconds.

Learn more about GoDo’s Call Center

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