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Social Media Marketing For Tour & Activity Companies

The general idea behind marketing is to craft a great message, then put it in front of potential customers. We have good news; they’re all on social media!

One of the hardest parts of building a company is making potential guests aware you exist, and building a brand identity. There is not a better channel for doing just that, than Social Media.

Whether you’re just starting out with a new Social Media platform, or you’re an established business with a large following, the experts at GoDo can put together a plan, and execute on that plan, to grow your Company’s presense on Social Media.

We’ll work with you to help identify which social platform will help your tour or activity the most. After setting you up properly, we’ll provide a living document, created just for your and your company, on the steps that need to happen, to get the most benefit from Social Media.

What Social Media platforms should you be on?

First – you should not be on every Social Network out there. One of the biggest mistakes tour or activity companies make is that they think they should be everywhere. This is not the case. GoDo will dive into your company and recommend what Social Networks would benefit your company the most.

Social Media isn’t all about simply sharing posts and getting ‘Likes’. When performed by a knowledgable team, it is hard to beat the ROI (return on investment) that you’ll get from advertising your company on Social Media. And no, we’re not talking about promoting your posts!

Our Social Media Management Packages

Most of our clients find that the choices below easily fit their needs. If you need something more in-depth, or a custom request, please get in touch with us for more information!
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  • Small Business
    • For companies with up to 50,000 followers
    • Custom Social Media Strategy
    • Engagment with your followers
    • Ad creation, when required
  • $
  • Best choice for maximum growth Medium to Large Company
    • For companies with 50,000+ Followers
    • Daily Updates on on Platforms
    • Custom Social Media Strategy
    • Ad creation, when required
    • Weekly updates for all platforms
    • Dedicated Social Media Rep
    • 24/7 Client Support
  • $
  • Hourly Work
    • On-Demand work
    • Page and Profile Setup
    • For those times when you’re just too busy
  • $