Does my Tour Company need to be blogging?

Sometimes we meet people who are still not sold on the idea about Blogging for their Tour/Activity Company. Allow us to show you why you should.

As a tour company, should you be blogging?

If you're a Tour Company, you need to be blogging!

Tim Nealon, CEO of GoDo By Tim Nealon September 4th, 2018

Tour and Activity Companies are in a great position to be creating content. After all, for most of us, telling stories is what we do for a living! So, creating content to help tell the stories of your company, your locations, or what you do should be easy to do.

For most companies, starting a Blog is a great first step into the realm of Content Marketing. Blogs allow you to humanize your company, telling the story of the people who work for your company. Blogs also help your presence online get bigger. I often to tell people to think of their website like a fishing net. The bigger your net is, the more fish you should catch! Of course, it isn't quite that simple - but you get the idea.

People loving doing business with people - with companies, not so much. This is one of the most important things you can do for your Brand. Show your potential guests that you're just a regular (super awesome) person, just like them. On your blog you can allow your personality to come through.

And it isn't just you - we encourage our clients to get the whole company into the act of blogging, when practical.

Tim Nealon, CEO and Founder of GoDo
Author: Tim Nealon
Tim is the Founder and CEO of GoDo. Always looking for ways to help our clients, Tim often contributes to GoDo U.