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Online Booking Software for Tour and Activity Companies

We don’t need to tell you, there is a lot that goes into running a successful Tour or Activity Company. You deal with scheduling issues, customer service, payroll, marketing, sales, and much more.

GoDo’s software is there to help automate as much of your business as possible. And the parts that cannot be automated, we made as easy as possible. The result is a solution to many of the problems and challenges you deal with on a daily basis, beyond just selling tickets and managing bookings.

There isn’t a ticketing or booking software out there which gives you the tools that GoDo does. If you simply want a software which can sell your tickets, you have many choices. If you want a software that makes running your operations easier, and drives more revenue, GoDo is the only solution.

Software for Walking Tour Companies

Tour Companies

Online Booking Software for Activity Companies, including rafting companies

Activity Companies

Software for Attractions, including Wildlife Sanctuaries


Shopping Cart Abandonment Software for Tour Companies

Feature Spotlight:
Abandoned Sales Recovery

Did you know that most people who enter your booking flow don’t finish buying tickets? It isn’t a unique problem to you – it is the same across all eCommerce. You’ve done it too!

If your Online Booking Software doesn’t have a way to bring those potential guests back, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table every single day.

Here at GoDo, our Abandoned Sales/Shopping Cart Recovery tool engages with people who entered your booking flow – but never followed through to purchase tickets. On average, this one feature alone has been found to increase ticket sales by an average of 12%!! 

Hey, if you have more sales than you can handle, if the idea of getting 12% more revenue doesn’t get you excited, that’s okay. For the rest of you who don’t have this feature – this is a real game-changer.

Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our Sales Recovery Feature for Tour and Activity Companies.

Some of the most popular features of GoDo’s Online Booking Software

While it isn’t practical to list all of the hundreds of things GoDo can do, here are some of the most popular features

Sell your tickets online

Everyone knows how important it is to sell your tickets online. GoDo has an optimized Booking Flow, making it easy for your guests.

IOS and Android Apps

Whether you're an iPhone or Android fan, our apps will allow your Captains and others to work remotely. Our Admin App is coming in 2019.

Mobile Friendly Interface

If you're not a fan of using Apps, you'll love the fact that GoDo works just as great in a mobile browser as it does on a desktop.

Sell MORE Tickets

Every booking system can sell your tickets. GoDo will provide you with the tools and data you need to sell more tickets.

Advanced Scheduling

Managing numerous Tour Guides, Captains, and other staff can be a drain on your time and sanity. GoDo makes scheduling a breeze.

Robust Reporting

Complete Reporting features are vital to improving your company. GoDo's reporting is sure to be the best you've ever used.

Built-in Waivers

While not all of our clients use waivers, if your company is one that does GoDo has your company covered with waiver management.

Smart Alerts

Are you tired of missing opportunities to make more sales, or customer service issues? Our Smart Alerts keep you informed.

Intuitive Software

We designed GoDo to be the easiest Online Booking Software to use. Stop being frustrated with unnecessarily complicated software.

Sell Add-ons

Whether it is a t-shirt, a membership, or anything else, GoDo allows you to sell any additional item that you offer.

Built-in Invoicing

Frustrated with not being able to create invoices within your booking system and collect deposits and partial payments? You can do this on GoDo.

Customizable Emails

GoDo gives you the ability to customize emails sent to your customers. Because they're your customers.


Are you tired of losing out on revenue, or having to juggle guests when an event is cancelled. In GoDo, you simply issue a raincheck!

Control Center

Instead of just using a Calendar as your Dashboard, GoDo created a Dashboard which shows you everything, and makes tasks easy.

Integrated Support

If you have any questions about using GoDo, we offer Integrated Support for all clients. No more emailing or calling support if you don't want to!

Online Booking Software for Tour Companies

Enable customers to buy tickets in advance or in destination:
by computer, tablet or mobile phone

The way people buy tickets for your Tours and Activites is changing fast

With more people than ever using mobile phones to choose their activities, especially after arriving in destination, you need software that can maximize conversion on the device of their choice.

GoDo’s online booking flow will ensure you capture the maximum amount of sales, including on mobile devices.

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