Manage your tour company better with GoDo, software for Tour Companies

GoDo makes it easier to manage your staff and keep track of your employees

Sometimes managing your staff can feel like herding sheep. We wanted to make managing your guides and event leaders as easy as possible. We put in the extra mile to make it easy for you, and them.

Easily Manage your Staff with GoDo

From easy scheduling, to auto scheduling, and time-off requests, GoDo makes it easy to manage your staff.

When you're running a Tour or Activity Company a lot of your time is spent managing your staff, your guides. Here at GoDo we realize this is a pain point for many of you. So, we built numerous features into our software that will make your life easier, saving you time and allowing you to focus on tasks that only you can do.

How does GoDo make managing your staff easier?

There are numerous 'common sense' things GoDo does - and below are some more we added! Of course, this list is not comprehensive. Contact us for a demo!

Bulk Scheduling

Add your guides to an entire year's worth of events with just a few clicks. Build out your whole schedule in minutes, not hours.

Time-off Requests

Allow your guides and staff to easily request days off. Then, you can approve or deny the requests, while letting them know why.

Guide Portal

Unlike other online booking systems, your guides will have their own Portal. Allowing them to view only what you want them to see.

Advanced Reviews

Collect reviews from your guests, and allow your staff to see their reviews through their portal. Make notes, reply, or share your reviews.

Auto Increase Capacities

Do you have events which often sell out? You can turn on this feature to auto-add inventory and find guides who can work. You do nothing but approve.

Trained Activities

Set your staff up with their trained activities, to prevent them from being scheduled to roles, or activities in which they are not trained.

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