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Our software is loaded with features to save you time, increase your revenue, and make life easier!

GoDo's software is an important part of the GoDo process for increasing revenue. Saving you many hours, and automating processes - you'll love it.

Get to know other features of GoDo's Software

Even though there are hundreds of features and abilities in our software, we find certain ones are really helpful to most Tour and Activity Companies

Some of GoDo's additional features

While it isn't practical to list all of GoDo's features, without it being a novel, we have listed some of our other popular features and abilities.

In addition to these features, GoDo is always working on building out the next great feature or ability - and most of those recommendations come from you! We take great pride in actually working with our clients to make the best Tour and Activity management software in the World!

Built-in Waivers

For months, we studied the best waiver solutions in the World - and then built our own. Depending on your type of business, waivers are absolutely vital. Built right into GoDo, our waiver system makes it easy to create, manage, and collect waivers. We can even alert you if an event is going to start soon, and all of the waivers haven't been completed yet. There is no addiiton fee for this.

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More and more companies are booking private events and tours. GoDo's integrated Invoicing System allows you to build freeform invoices (add tickets, gratuity, add-ons, additional fees, or anything else), associate that invoice with a customer/booking - and accept pay, all without leaving GoDo. Once you realize how easy building and managing your Accounts Receivable can be, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

Rain Checks

Do you ever wish you could turn guests' bookings into rain checks, so you can rescheudle them at a later date? GoDo allows you to turn any guest, for any reason, into a rain check. You'll easily access these guests, and reschedule them as needed.

Rain checks are great for companies which deal with weather issues, or companies who don't wish to refund their guest - leaving those tickets available to be rescheduled at a later date.

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Customized Capacity/Sell-out Alerts

Wouldn't it be nice if you could view all of your events, weeks out, and see which ones are close to selling out? GoDo has an entire featured dedicated just to this. This feature is great for companies who have limited availability, or often sell out. What used to take an hour or more, now takes seconds.

Booking Flow Q&A's

During the booking process, you may want to know some information from your guests. Perhaps you're a Food Tour company, and you need to know if anyone has any food allergies. Or, maybe you're a zip line company who needs to know how much your guests weigh. Either way, you're covered with GoDo's Booking Flow Q&A sets.

Sell Add-Ons

Sometimes, one of our clients will want to sell something other than tickets with their orders. Whether you're looking to upsell your guests on a t-shirt, a special package, or anything else, GoDo allows you to add this to your booking flow.

Gift Certificates

Many Tour and Activity companies offer Gift Certificates, allowing you to sell to more people. GoDo allows you to sell Gift Certificates in any manner you wish. Not only are they easy to sell, but they're easy for customers to redeem.

Complete Sales Channel Management

Do you work with OTA's conceirges, or other sales channels? GoDo allows you to quickly setup channels, defining the aspects of your relationship. This can include commission payments, and the amount of money they're brought you - and the amount you've paid them.

Bulk Scheduling

Are you tired of being limited in the way you can assign your staff to tours or events? We were - so when we built GoDo, we ensured that our scheduling would take hours worth of work and turn it into minutes.

Manage Requests Off

Using GoDo, you can turn on an option to allow your staff to submit Requests for Time off. Of course, we made it easy for you to see who has requested time off, and just as easy to either approve or deny their request.

Abadoned Shopping Carts Marketing

Not everyone who starts the process of purchasing tickets ends up completing the booking flow. Those users abandoned their cart - and we work to get them back for you. We'll send them an email, trying to persuade them to come back and finish their purchase.

Promo Codes and Discounts

You cannot have a Tour and Activity Management software, and not have the ability to easily manage your sales, promo codes, or discounts. GoDo allows you to create and customize discount codes in many ways. We also make it easy for you to track those codes.

Groupon Integration

Does your company rely on Groupon? If so, we have made it easy for you to load your GoDo codes, and then allow your customers to schedule their event online. Of course, we notify you of this, and treat them like any other customer.

TripAdvisor Experiences/Viator Integration

If you sell your tickets on TripAdvisor Experiences (formerly Viator), than you know that manually adding all of those bookings can be a pain. You also risk overselling events. With our Integration, we'll ensure that you never have to enter a booking manually, and you'll never oversell out a tour thanks for an order coming through their system.

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