GoDo's built-in waiver system for Tour and Activity Companies

Managing your Waiver process is simple with GoDo

GoDo's software comes with a built-in Waiver system for creating and managing your Waivers.

Part of life for many activity companies and some tour companies are waivers. In order to protect your business you often need your guests to sign a waiver releasing your business of responsibility. You also need to ensure that they understand the risks associated with your activity!

GoDo's Waiver System is built into the core of our system and it available to all clients at no additional price. This means you no longer have to use a 3rd party waiver system with your booking/management software.

Our Waiver is very comprehensive. With it you can:

  • Create Waivers from Scratch
  • Upload your own Waivers
  • Add Checkboxes and dropdowns for questions
  • Collect electronic signatures
  • Waivers can be made for adults and minors
  • See who needs to fill out their waiver
  • Be alerted if your event starts and you don't have all waivers signed
  • Print out all waivers, or just select ones

Our Waiver Builder

You'll easily be able to create any kind of waiver you're company needs. Whether you just need a simple waiver or a more complex one, GoDo's system will handle it.

GoDo's Waiver Builder
With our Waiver Builder, it is easy to create the waivers that your company needs
Easily reschedule a guest to a different tour or activity
You'll easily see who has filled out their waivers and who needs to fill them out - all from your manifest
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