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Your website is wasting your money on Google Ads

The Best PPC Agency can’t help a crappy website

Is your Website wasting your PPC Spend?

When properly planned and executed, Pay-per-Click ads are a great way to increase your ticket sales and increase the brand awareness surrounding your Tour or Activity Company.

Many people, when considering the success of their Pay-per-Click campaigns focus on only the numbers which Google Ads (or whoever else) shows them. However, when you’re gauging the level of success your Pay-per-Click campaigns are having you have to look a little deeper than just CTR (click-through rate) or CPA (cost per acquisition). You also need to look at your website.

Your Slow Website isn’t helping

If your website is running slow it is going to cut down on the number of conversions (ticket sales) you see coming from your website. Ignore the fact that a slow website will drop your website in the search rankings (for the sake of this conversation), a slow website simply pisses people off. You’ve felt the pain of waiting for a slow website to leave. How often do you simply hit the back button and leave? Your website visitors do the same.

What this means is that there are going to be a certain percentage of your website visitors, which are coming from your Ads, which are leaving your website without purchasing tickets. However, it isn’t because your ads are not working properly, or they’re managed improperly. You can blame this one on your website.

Your Website doesn’t look right on Mobile Devices

Here is another area in which a lot of Tour and Activity company still need to get up to speed on. We’ve all been there – visiting a website that isn’t responsive/mobile friendly. You know how hard it is for you to use the website properly, navigating and finding what it is you need to find. Your potential customers are no different.

If your website isn’t displaying properly on a mobile device you’re probably wasting around 50% of your ad budget. Google will still show your ads to people on their mobile device (yes, you can make this not happen, but WHY?), and those people arrive on your website to find it hard or impossible to navigate. Once again, your website is letting you down. It isn’t that your Google Ads are not performing as they should – it is because you still haven’t brought your website up to the standards people expect.

This is another way in which your website could be losing you money, even if your ads are working perfectly.

Tim Nealon is the CEO & Founder of GoDo. With many years in the tour and activity industry, Tim is a leader in the industry. From starting and building a multi-million dollar tour company to starting his first Web Design company 20 years ago, Tim has the experience to help guide your company to success.

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