Simple Pricing

For your company, big or small, to use GoDo, it will cost you nothing.

Of course, there are the credit card processing fees that everyone pays (2.9% + .30/transaction). Other than that, GoDo costs you absolutely nothing when you make your own bookings, and any of your partners sell tickets for you. When your customers purchase tickets online, a 6% booking fee is added to their total, this is the only money GoDo makes while you're using our software. We do not charge any monthly fees, subscription fees, or any other fee for using our Software.

Were you expecting more?

Call Center Pricing

If you would choose to use GoDo's Call Center there is an additional fee of $1 per ticket, regardless of the price, which is charged to you. If you wish, we can also set up your account to pass that fee onto your customers. .

You do not have to use our Call Center to use our Software.

We have a whole team of highly trained professionals who can answer your phone calls. This is money well-spent, freeing you up to run your company and grow your revenue.

For more information about our Call Center, click here.