There isn't a Tour or Activity Company that cannot afford GoDo

Aside from Credit Cards fees, GoDo's software doesn't cost you anything

Here at GoDo we like to keep things as simple as possible. This is why our software is always free for our clients to use. GoDo does not charge you anything - no monthly fees, no sign-up fees - nothing, to use our software.

As with any platform where credit cards are involved, there is a credit card fee you have to pay. This rate is currently at 2.9% and .30 per transaction. This is paid directly through Stripe, our credit card processor. We never see a penny of this.

Online Bookings

Any booking that is made through the widegt on your website has a 6% fee added to the total. This is NOT charged to you. As always, the only thing you pay is your credit card processing fees.

Bookings you enter into GoDo

Whether you're taking your own orders over the phone, through a shop, or on location, any bookings you make are free. The 6% booking fee does not apply to these bookings. Only your credit card procesing fee.

Call Center Bookings

If you choose to use GoDo's call center, we charge $1 per ticket, for the tickets we sell for you. We do not charge you for customer service calls, or any other kind of call. ONLY when we make a sale for you.

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