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Looking for a new Online Booking/Business Management Software?

GoDo makes the process of changing your software as easy as possible. Change doesn't have to be scary - sometimes change is a beautiful thing!

Switching to GoDo

We realize you have many important things going on - which is why you can relax, knowing we're making your switch as smooth as possible.

When we're out talking to people who run tour and activity companies, one of the statements we hear is "I am interested in switching from the company I'm with. However, I am afraid switching is going to be a pain in the ass!"

Well, rest assured, the team here at GoDo goes above and beyond to make switching your online booking software to GoDo.

Setting up your account

If you already are working with one of our competitors, we can very often simply replicate the account you have with them, with GoDo. Once we are finished, we also do a walk-through to ensure that everything is set-up exactly as you need it to be.

Transferring your Bookings and Reservations

Probably the most tedious part of switching to a new tour management system is the transferring of your bookings. Well, don't worry - because we do that for you. We have a dedicated on-boarding team which goes through all of your bookings, one by one. We ensure that everything is trasnferred over properly, including your customers' information.


We like to think we provide some of the best training in the industry. It is in our best interest that you know how to use, and are comfortable with GoDo. We will work with you to show you the features of GoDo, and to ensure that you are a professional by the time we are finished. Of course, any addition training is always welcome, and we can often set that up for the same day, or the next day.

If your entire team needs training on GoDo, we are happy to set up 1-on-1 training with them, or do a group training exercise via Google Hangouts, sharing our screen.

Adding GoDo to your website

The final step, when it comes to switching to GoDo is setting up GoDo on your website. This is a very easy process - and even the most novice individuals could do this on their own. We're happy to do this for you, and even prefer it if we can. We can install GoDo on any website out there!

Switch to GoDo and Save $$ on a new website

Did you know that GoDo also offers website design and other services for tour and activity companies?

While we do website design for any company who needs it, companies on GoDo will save up to 50% on all services. So, switch to GoDo and save money on that new website you've been wanting!

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