Online Booking Software for Ghost Tour Companies

Built by a Ghost Tour veteran, GoDo is uniquely able to help Haunted Tour companies become more successful

Whether your Ghost Tour company is simply looking for a better online booking flow and management software, or a new website, allow the experts at GoDo to help you become more successful.

Software for Ghost Tour Companies

GoDo will partner with your Activity Company to help drive more sales, help sell more tickets, and ensure your guests love buying from you!

When it comes to tours in America, one of the most popular tour types are Ghost Tours. Whether you're walking your guests around the haunted streets of your town or driving them around on a haunted tour, people flock to ghost tours.

GoDo was built for companies like Ghost Tours. Our Tour Operator Software will allow you to spend less time on the administrative side of your Tour Company and more time growing your company.

Receive your FREE Website Analysis

If you're not convinced that GoDo can improve your Company and increase your revenue - allow us to show you. Receive a FREE Website Analysis (a $299 value) for simply inquiring about GoDo's Software.

Sell MORE Tickets

Every booking system can sell your tickets. GoDo will provide you with the tools and data you need to sell more tickets for your Ghost Tours.

Advanced Scheduling

Ghost Tour Companies are often juggling guide schedules, and other personnel. GoDo makes scheduling a breeze.

Robust Reporting

Complete Reporting features are vital to improving your company. GoDo's reporting is sure to be the best you've ever used.

Advanced Reviews

With GoDo you'll be able to easily see how well your guides are doing. We even built our review system so you can see what review belongs to what guide.

Smart Alerts

Are you tired of missing opportunities to make more sales, or customer service issues? Our Smart Alerts keep you informed.

Integrated Analytics

Do you know how well your website is performing? Or not? Our proprietary software analyzes your website, and your traffic.

Sell Add-ons

Whether it is a t-shirt, a membership, or anything else, GoDo allows you to sell any additional item that you offer.

Built-in Invoicing

Frustrated with not being able to create invoices within your booking system and collect deposits and partial payments? You can do this on GoDo.

Customizable Emails

GoDo allows you to customize emails sent to your customers. Because they're your customers.

Web Design for Ghost Tour Companies

GoDo also offers Web Design for Ghost Tour Companies. Whether you think your website could use a few touch-ups or a complete overhaul you can trust the pros at GoDo to give you the website you need. With a long list of Ghost Tour clients, GoDo has probably built more Ghost Tour Company websites than any other company in the World.

In many cities, it seems like there is a new Ghost Tour company popping up every other month. This is especially true in the 'well-known' ghost tour cities like New Orleans and Savannah. Having a great website is vital to staying ahead of all of your competitors. Over the years we've watched large companies dwindle down to smaller ones as competition swooped in and took their business. You MUST remain vigilant and proactive when it comes to having the best online presense and website you can have.

Our Call Center for Ghost Tour Companies

GoDo offers the only US-based Call Center for Tour and Activity Companies. This also includes Ghost Tour Companies. Our Call Center is staffed with professionals who are trainied in customer service and in-bound sales techniques. This means that not only can they handle your calls, they'll excel at it!

You can choose if you use our Call Center (we do not require you to) or when. Some of our clients keep their calls forwarded to our Call Center at all times, others, just sometimes. Maybe you want to enjoy an evening with your family, or you just need a break. Forward your calls to us and we'll answer them with a custom greeting just for your company.

We find that once clients start using our Call Center it is literally life changing.


Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a great way for Ghost Tour companies to quickly get guests on their tours. This is especially effective around times of the year like Halloween, when a large number of people are actually searching for Ghost Tours.

However, you can quickly find yourself in a place where it feels like you're spending more money than you're making for Adwords. This is why GoDo offers PPC services for companies like yours. We have, literally, thousands of hours of planning and executing on Adwords campaigns for Ghost Tour companies alone. If you want to ensure your company is seeing a positive return on investment and leaping your competitors, GoDo is the place to turn.

The World's #1 Ghost Tour Company is on GoDo

Ghost City, which is almost certainly the World's largest Ghost Tour company is one of GoDo's clients. Not only have we helped with their website and marketing, they also use our Tour Operator Software. With over 250,000 guests per year, GoDo is able to help Ghost City save countless hours when it comes to admin work. And, according to their General Manager, Gretchen Upshaw, GoDo has also helped Ghost City increase their revenue. "Since we started on GoDo we noticed that more people are completing their purchases. We believe GoDo's approach to a simple booking process has increased the number of people actually buying tickets. In our first 60 days on GoDo we noticed our conversion rate has risen, driving even more revenue into Ghost City", says Gretchen.

Are you ready to learn about how GoDo can help you grow your Ghost Tour Company?

Whether your Horseback/Trailriding Company needs a new Online Booking Software, a new Website, or marketing, GoDo is the ideal partner for your company