The Best Partner for Ghost Tour Companies

Ghost Tours and Paranoral Events are a hot item in tourism. As a matter of fact, over 50% of all walking tour participants in America are on a Ghost Tour. If that isn't something to pay attention to, we don't know what is!

More than any other Online Booking Company, we know Ghost Tours. Our CEO is the former CEO of the largest Ghost Tour Company in the World. Over 5 years, he built it into a multi-million dollar company with over 50% profit margins. So, we know what it takes to help make a ghost tour company successful.

From your first day on GoDo, you'll notice our commitment to helping you achieve your goals. We'll first take a look at your website and see how we can improve it. Sometimes we only need to tweak things. Other times we may need to help you with creating a whole new website. We have world-class web designers on staff just for that purpose. We'll also take a look at your Search Engine rankings, your Social Media, and more - all the see how we can help grow your company and in the meantime, make your life a little less stressful.

More than an online booking engine

You might have come to our website because you heard about our Online Booking System. We want you to know, that while our booking/reservation system is incredible, our software does so much more. From managing your staff's payroll and schedules, to advanced alerts, and our full feature CRM, GoDo is designed as a 'whole business solution'.

The Tour Industry's best Call Center

You may even be interested in our Call Center. Many Ghost Tour companies, especially owner-operators, love having the ability to send their phone calls to our US based call center. We train our Agents to be the best in the business. You can give your tour, or just have a quiet evening at home, knowing GoDo has your phones/customer service handled as well.

Features for Ghost Tour Companies

While it isn't practical to list all of our features, rest assured that GoDo is powerful, and flexible enough to help grow your company, increase ticket sales, and make your life easier.

Online Booking System

Built by Tour Operators, we believe GoDo's online booking/reservation system is the best in the business. We think you'll agree.

Staff Management

Allow GoDo to keep track (and calculate) your payroll, your scheduling (for all employees) and more. Free up time to grow your company.

Marketing Data and CRM

GoDo integrates deeply with Analytics, providing you the data you need to market effectively. Our integrated CRM makes your marketing more targeted.

Smart Alerts

Whether you're an owner-operator, or have a team of guides, you need to stay on top of a lot. Allow our customizable smart alerts to help!

Custom Invoicing

Are you using a 3rd party invoicing company? GoDo has a complete invoicing system, with the ability for your guests to pay online.

Sell Add-ons and Gift Certificates

GoDo makes it easy to sell add-ons (think t-shirts, etc) or gift certicates. Sell on your website, or from the Admin area.

Are you ready to learn more about GoDo?