Features for Kayak Tour Companies

While it isn't practical to list all of our features, rest assured that GoDo is powerful, and flexible enough to help grow your company, increase ticket sales, and make your life easier.

Online Booking System

Built by Tour Operators, we believe GoDo's online booking/reservation system is the best in the business. We think you'll agree.

Staff Management

Allow GoDo to keep track (and calculate) your payroll, your scheduling (for all employees) and more. Free up time to grow your company.

Marketing Data and CRM

GoDo integrates deeply with Analytics, providing you the data you need to market effectively. Our integrated CRM makes your marketing more targeted.

Equipment Management

GoDo keeps track of all of your equipment. You'll know exactly what you need for your upcoming tours, and where everything is with GoDo.

Built in Waivers

Protecting your Company is of utmost importance. Our built in waiver management will allow you to protect your Kayak business with legally binding waivers..

Sell Add-ons and Gift Certificates

Encourage your guests to gift a Kayak tour to someone special to them. Allow guests to purchase Gift Ceriticates, or any other merchandise, from you.

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