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Segway Tours are becoming more popular with tourists in cities. Make sure you partner with GoDo for the maximum results from your efforts!

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GoDo will partner with your Activity Company to help drive more sales, help sell more tickets, and ensure your guests love buying from you!

From the first meeting, when the idea for GoDo was conceived, we knew we had to be radically different than anything else out there. We were tired of Companies, which are now our competitors, talking about how much they improve their clients' Companies, but in reality, they did little to nothing.

Being in the tourism industry ourselves, we knew many very good people, who were struggling to make ends meet with their Tour Company, their Activity Company. They heard the promises about how this company, or that company, is going to improve their business, if you only sign up for their reservation software. And in the end, they switched and nothing changed. Where were these improvements to their business that they were told would happen?

It was from this frustration, and the desire to help others, that GoDo was born...

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