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We'll admit - we're pretty jealous of what you get to do. Allow us to show you how to spend more time showing people nature's most majestic animals, and less time trying to sell tickets

Use our Software to make things easier

GoDo's Tour Operator Software is a great fit for Whale Watching Companies who are looking for a solution which will save them time and help them sell more tickets.

Of course, our Software does everything you'd expect it to. From selling tour tickets online to manifest management, and (literally) hundreds of other features, GoDo is built for companies large and small.

In the Whale Watching industry we've found that some features of GoDo really make your life is easier. Here are a few of those more speciliazed features for Whale Watching companies.

Rain Checks

Whether you're dealing with rough seas or any kind of bad weather, GoDo makes it easy for you to retain customers. Any customer or booking can be converted into a rain check for future use. This means that you no longer have to keep track of customers in a spreadhseet, or refund them because you do not have a way to manage them.

If you need to cancel a tour because of inclement weather or any other reason, simply click 'Convert to Rain Check' on any guest or booking. This will save them on your Rain Check page, allowing you to find them and resechedule them at your convenience.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

When you're dealing with large groups, invoicing is a great way to handle the process. GoDo's built-in invoicing allows you to create custom orders and build out a complete invoice. Then simply email the customer the invoice. Your guest can pay directly from the invoice, all of the payments being captured within GoDo.

When building an invoice you and include tickets, add-ons, gratuity, and any other charge you'd like to include. Then, choose the payment terms and the due dates. You'll be set!

Text/SMS Reminders

Do guests sometimes drive you crazy by showing up for your Whale Watching Tour late? GoDo has a text/SMS reminder feature. We'll automatically send your guests a text before their tour. This text includes a reminder which can be added to their calendar. In addition they'll receive a link for directions, and more. Using this features you'll cut down on the number of guests who get lost or forget about their tour.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Did you know that most people who start a booking don't actually finish it? GoDo's Abandoned Shopping Cart feature will work to win some of those customers back.

GoDo's software will automatically send an email to people who didn't finish their booking, encouraging them to come back and finish their booking. For our clients that use this, we have found that we can increase overall revenue by around 10% using this feature.

Built-in Waivers

Are you tired of needing two softwares to manage your waivers and bookings? GoDo has a built in waiver management system, which, unlike our competitors, is part of our software.

While we realize that not all Whale Watching Tour Companies use waivers, if you do, you'll find that our waiver system is easy to use, and ensures that all of your waivers are signed before you start your activity.

Web Design for Whale Watching Companies

The Whale Watching indutry can be pretty brutal, often many competitors are concentrated in the same area, competing for the same customers. Having a great website which converts your website visitors, and ranks higher than your competitors is crucial to your success. This is why GoDo has a team of web designers who are experienced in the tour and activity industry. We know how to build great websites which will make you back your investment and a lot more.

Call Center for Whale Watching Companies

Often times you find yourself on the boat or doing other tasks. Here at GoDo we offer a Call Center for Whale Watching Companies. We can answer your customer service and sales calls, allowing you to spend more time on your business.

Our Call Center is only for Tour and Activity Companies. ALl of our Agents are trained in in-bound sales techniques, enabling them to convert more calls into customers.

We are also 100% US-Based. We do not outsource a single call. You can trust that GoDo will represent your company in a professional manner at all times. If you're interested in GoDo's Call Center, just click the link.

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