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How Tour and Activity Companies can increase their revenue using our Abandoned Shopping Cart recovery feature

Increase your sales with Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery

When we talk to Tour and Activity companies, one theme which comes up, again and again, is ‘How can I increase the number of tickets I sell? How can I increase my revenue?” There are many answers to this question. Many of them require you to put in work. Marketing, advertising, social media marketing, etc. However, one very simple way you can increase your ticket sales is by using features which automate the process of selling more tickets. And the best way to do that is by having a Shopping Cart Abandonment feature in your Online Booking System.

Well, we have good news for you. Our GoDo tour software has a built-in Shopping Cart Abandonment feature. Across all of our clients, this feature alone has been found to increase sales by 10%-15%. If your online booking software doesn’t have the ability to reach out to these people you’re leaving serious money on the table.

  • This requires none of your valuable time
  • On average, companies using our software increase their revenue by 12% when coming from a booking system which doesn’t offer it
  • This feature is built into our software – it isn’t an expensive addon, like with some of our competitors

What is an Abandoned Shopping Cart?

When people visit your website, only a certain percentage of people actually click the ‘Book Now’ button. Out of that percentage of people, most of them do not finish the booking flow. This is just a reality of online eCommerce, which includes ticket sales. When a person starts the booking flow/checkout but doesn’t finish, that is what we consider an abandoned shopping cart.

Sell more tickets by getting those people back

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to identify those people who didn’t finish the booking flow, and then target them with an offer to get them to come back and finish their purchase? With our online booking software, you can do just that!

When a person doesn’t finish the booking flow, our software will automatically send them an email (which you customize), encouraging them to come back and buy their tickets. Across all of our clients, we have determined that this feature increases revenue by an average of 12%. Some clients even see an increase in revenue of over 15% by using this one feature.

If anyone told you that you could increase your revenue by an average of 12% by doing nothing – you’d be asking ‘Where can I sign up?!”

The beauty of our Shopping Cart Abandonment feature is that is costs nothing. It requires you to spend exactly 0 minutes per day working on it. It is just automatic revenue for you and your Tour or Activity company.

If you’re interested in increasing your ticket sales and revenue (who isn’t?), simply get in touch with us for a no-obligation demo. We’ll show you how our online booking system can increase your ticket sales on day one.

Tim Nealon is the CEO & Founder of GoDo. With many years in the tour and activity industry, Tim is a leader in the industry. From starting and building a multi-million dollar tour company to starting his first Web Design company 20 years ago, Tim has the experience to help guide your company to success.

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