Having a great website has been an important part of any business for a number of years now. For companies in the Tour, Activity, and Tourism Industry a great website is much more important. After all, most of your customers are planning their vacations online, or they're in your market looking for things to do that day. You only have one chance to convert these people into paying customers. On top of that, you're competing with companies like TripAdvisor and Expedia, who are just as happy sending those people to your competitors as they are to send them to you.

The bottom line is: If you have a tour or activity company, having a website that stands out from your competition is more important than ever. This is where GoDo becomes an even more valuable partner for your company. We have a team of expert web designers, some of the most experienced SEO personnel in the tourism industry, and seasoned marketing professionals who are ready to help take your company to the next level.

Responsive Websites are a must in the Tour and Activity market.

Having a responsive website (mobile friendly) has been important since Smart Phones started to gain so much of the market share. Today, having a website that works on a mobile device (don't forget the desktops) is more important than ever. Why?

  • For some of our clients, almost 60% of their sales come from customers buying tickets with a mobile phone
  • Google is well documented as saying that your website being mobile friendly (or not) is part of their ranking algorithm

Every website built by GoDo is mobile friendly. Whether your customers are viewing your website on their phones, their tablets, or their desktops, your website is going to look its best!

FYI: GoDo has a great mobile friendly booking flow for your customers too!

You own your Website

Don't get your company tied to your booking company because they built you a (subpar) website. While that solution seems like a good deal companies often find themselves trapped in a bad situation that they cannot quickly remove themselves from.

When GoDo builds your website, you own it. If you would ever leave GoDo your website is still yours! It doesn't disappear the day (hopefully never) that you decide GoDo isn't right for your company.

Conversions and Traffic

Here at GoDo it isn't enough that we build your company a great looking website. Aside from making sure your website is visually appealing, our focus is on two things: Conversions and Traffic. While both are very important, it is just as important to tackle these issues in the right order to ensure that you get the best return on your investment (ROI).

Each website built by the GoDo team focuses on both conversions and traffic in a way that will improve your bottom line and set you apart from your competitors.


Conversions are the part of your website that most designers don't pay attention to. After all, they're designers, they're not Conversion Specialists. A conversion, simply put, is when a visitor to your website performs a desired action. For tour and activity companies, this is almost always 'Buy tickets'.

While often overlooked, conversion optimization is a huge part of your online success. The higher your conversion rate, the more revenue your company makes. It is that simple. When we start working with tour companies, we find that the average conversion rate is right around 3.5%. Often times, a website built by us will convert at two or even three times that amount. That means your business could earn 2-3 times the amount of revenue you're making now with no additional traffic!

As you can see, having a website that actually converts your visitors, and converts them at a high rate is a tremendous advantage for a tour or activity company. This is especially true after we get your conversion rate higher, and then turn our focus to traffic.


Most people realize that increasing the traffic to your tour or activity company's website is a good thing. However, before we encourage you to spend time and money to do so we focus on your conversion rate first. Why make the investment that new traffic takes when your website isn't currently converting at its optimal rate?

We are lucky to have a number of SEO wizards here at GoDo. When building your new website we know all of the boxes to check to ensure that your website has the best chance to outrank your competitors. We'll even work with you to show you how to create content which will bring in even more traffic, and why a Blog (which everyone recommends) might not be the best way to do this.

Why GoDo for your Website?

  • We are industry experts - We have insight into the minds of your buyers that 'general' web design companies don't have
  • Every website built by GoDo is mobile friendly - no more losing customers because they cannot book last minute
  • As a web design client you'll have access to our team of SEO specialists and Conversion Rate Experts. Nobody has better support than GoDo
  • Your Company doesn't HAVE to be using GoDo for your online ticketing/booking. We work with Companies who use different online ticketing solutions
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