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John Dandeneau

President and COO

Back in 2006, tour and activity operators were just beginning to embrace having a website for their business – an online brochure at best, for many. For those who braved the idea of selling tickets online to the public (gasp!), they were doing their best to repurpose e-commerce shopping carts, concert event solutions, etc. To manage their bookings, it wasn’t unusual to find them using paper ledgers and 3-ring binders. It wasn’t pretty, but they got the job done.

That year, I joined a small company supporting these companies with online ticketing, booking management software and a customer service call center. In what would become a pivotal moment in defining my professional ethos, I was guided to engage with clients through empathy, patience, respect, and support. Having come from a “corporate” world, this manner of interacting with clients was quite foreign to me. I tried it and found that it worked because it was authentic and truly reflected our passion for helping others. Since then, I have had the privilege of supporting hundreds of tour and activity operators for more than a decade and I am honored to count many of them as close friends.

Throughout the years, I have always relished the opportunity to “talk story” with tour entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans alike who labor to share their passions with us, one small group at a time. I am humbled every day that they would trust me and our team with their “baby.” Yes, it’s personal, and we never forget that.

You may have seen that GoDo’s mission is “to help people achieve their definition of success.” With my hand on the helm of our product, I am guiding the growth of our offerings through the numerous choices of what we could build. I actively seek input from owners, operators, captains, guides, staff, etc., on helping us understand how we can have the greatest impact on their lives and their businesses, and how we can help them achieve their success.

One final thought – and perhaps one additional reason I love our industry so much – I read an article not too long ago that described experience providers as the “Stewards of Special Moments.” I couldn’t agree more. When we participants actively engage in a tour, activity, class, sunset cruise, etc., it becomes a moment that we disconnect from the stresses of our lives and – especially relevant these days – we put away our devices for an hour or two and connect with those around us, deepening existing bonds and forging new ones.

I’d love to talk story with you. Reach out and tell me yours.