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Online Booking Software and more for
Tour and Activity Companies

How can GoDo help you?

Online Booking Software

GoDo has the easiest to use, most complete Online Booking System for Tour and Activity Companies.

  • Enjoy a more user-friendly experience, making it easier to manage your company
  • Sell tickets online, opening your experience up to a wider audience
  • Capture Abandoned Bookings, increasing your revenue by an average of 12%

Web Design and Marketing

Our in-house Web Design and Marketing Agency can take your company to the next level of success.

  • Are you tired of relying on OTAs for the bulk of your sales?
  • Increase your revenue by working with the best industry professionals
  • Tired of having a website that doesn’t sell? Allow us to fix the problem

Managed Customer Support

Save time and money by outsourcing your customer support to our Call Center. We also manage website chat.

  • Are you losing out on sales because you can’t get to your phone?
  • Enjoy your time off by allowing us to handle your calls
  • Our Agents are trained to increase the number of direct bookings you receive

Bring us your company’s goals
Leave the problem solving to us.

The Tour and Activity industry is changing faster than ever.

Whether you’re a new company or an established veteran of the tour and activity scene, you need to start preparing for the future.

The team at GoDo THINKS OUTSIDE OF THE BOX to get your tour or activity company the results it needs to be more successful.

The Problem with (the decline of) Direct Bookings

One of the many aspects of GoDo which makes us different than our competitors is our emphasis on direct bookings.

More and more, companies are reporting a decrease in direct bookings as one of their main challenges. Every department at GoDo is dedicated to increase direct sales.

From our software to our agency services, and the call center – our goal is to get your company as many direct (non-commissioned) bookings as possible.

If you’re interested in how GoDo can help your company retain more of your revenue by making direct sales a larger percentage of your sales, get in touch!

GoDo helps more tour companies sell tickets online through our booking software

Interested in how GoDo can help your Tour or Activity Company?

Online Booking Software for Tour and Activity Companies


Don’t call us (just) an Online Booking Company!

GoDo is the only company in the world that supports Tour & Activity companies at every step of their journey. We’re in the business of helping Tour and Activity companies overcome their challenges.

Whether you’re looking for an Online Booking System for Tour and Activity Companies which makes tasks easier, a world-class marketing and website design team to help you sell more tickets, or a Professional Call Center to provide your customer with the best customer service in the industry, GoDo is your one-stop shop for everything your company needs to succeed.

GoDo makes me more money

GoDo has helped me increase my sales by over 17%. I was hesitant to believe their claims about improving my business. However, they did.

Larry Slavin

Captain, Owner | Tampa Bay Water Taxi

We love the Call Center

I love the GoDo call center! It helps me get my life back. And they've done a great job helping to improve my sales, by over 20%!

Christine Walkey

Owner at G3 Adventures

GoDo is the best

GoDo rocks! Their customer service is amazing, they always go above and beyond when it comes to answering our questions and concerns. The calendar and payment options are easy for our customers to use and we are making money:) The team at GoDo has exceeded my expectations and I would not hesitate to refer anyone. Thanks guys!

Tracey Hurst

Co-Owner at Premiere Wine Tours of Southern Oregon

GoDo Rocks!

Incredible experience. They are experienced, knowledgeable and will help with everything possible to get your website, business, and anything else up and running. It's not just a software service you are gaining, you are gaining a family. If I could give 10 stars I would.

Gene Fountain

Owner | Haunted Hangtown Tours

The Best Booking Software

Since we've been on GoDo, our website conversion rates went up, as more people are completing their bookings. This resulted in over $75,000 in additional revenue in our first 60 days on GoDo.

Gretchen Upshaw

General Manager | Ghost City Tours

Who is GoDo for?

GoDo is for any Tour or Activity Company who wants to improve their company.

Online Booking Software for Tour Companies

Tour Companies

Tour Companies of all kinds use GoDo to sell their tickets online or via our optional call center and manage the success of their business. Walking Tours, Food Tours, Whale Watching Tours… we can go on and on.

Online Booking Software for Activity Companies, including rafting companies

Activity Companies

Activity Companies love our built-in features, like waivers, to help keep their business running smoothly. Zipline Companies, Rafting Companies, and more, can use GoDo.

Software for Attractions, including Wildlife Sanctuaries


When you’re running an attraction, you have many things to be worried about. Your software shouldn’t be one of them. Historic sites and wildlife sactuaries, along with other types of attractions, will love GoDo.

Our Team

Get to know the people of GoDo who work day and night to help your company succeed.

Timothy Nealon, CEO of Ally

Tim Nealon

CEO & Founder

John Dandeneau - VP of Product at Ally

John Dandeneau

President and COO

Mark de Gruiter, Sales and Client Success at GoDo

Mark de Gruiter

Director of client success

Nathan Donolli, Senior Developer at Ally

Nathan Donolli

sr engineer

Industry Experts

Everyone at GoDo has a background in the Tour and Activity industries, making us a highy capable team. We’re eager to help you grow!

We’re Here To Help

Our goal is to help your company become more successful and your life less stressful. We have 24/7 support to help with anything.

Get back your time

Your time is your most valuable resource. Between our booking software, call center, and marketing teams, we give you back time.

Free Website Analysis

Your website is one of the vital aspects of your company. We offer a FREE website analysis to anyone who is curious about how well their website is performing.

No Obligation

Don’t feel pressured by an overzealous sales team. We feel that the quality of our work speaks for itself. All of our demos are 100% no strings attached.

Real Client Support

Are you tired of not getting the help you need, when you need it? Our Client Support Team is available 24/7 and our average response time is under 5 minutes.

Read the latest news from GoDo

We love to share our knowledge, to help Tour and Activity companies make the most of their day! Click through to read the latest articles by the team at GoDo.

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Common mistakes Tour Companies make while blogging

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