Our Call Center for Tour and Activity Companies

Are you tired of missing out on guests because you're not available to answer their calls?

Allow our professional call center to engage with your guests, listen to their needs and provide exceptional customer service on your behalf.

GoDo has the ONLY US-based Call Center, exclusively for Tour and Activity Companies

One of the biggest problems for tour and activity companies is, "Who is going to answer all of our calls?"

An average-sized tour company can receive up to 100 calls per day; customer service calls, sales calls, questions, and more. Isn't there something better you can be doing with your time than answering the same questions over and over again? Here at GoDo, we have a top-notch call facility to help you deal with the many phone calls you receive in a day.

100% in-house, US-based 110% sure to make your life easier

What makes GoDo's Call Center a huge asset is the quality of our staff and how far they're willing to go to ensure your success and your customers' satisfaction. Not only can we handle all of your public-activity telephone sales, but we can also help with other customer service matters. Is weather causing you problems, requiring you to cancel a tour or activity? Simply let us know and we'll call all of your guests letting them know. We can reschedule them, or refund them, based on your instructions.

When it comes to selling your tickets, you will be receiving a real sales team. We take the time to train our agents on your company. Trained in inbound call sales techniques, our agents will get you more sales than any other Call Center option out there.

In addition, unlike our competitors who outsource your calls to the other side of the World, all calls for our clients are handled by GoDo Call Center agents, right here in the USA.

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How is our Call Center different?

  • Dedicated customer service and sales people
  • All of our agents are based in the United States
  • We service all calls, but you only pay a nominal fee when we actually sell your tickets
  • We assign you a custom number and use a custom greeting specific to your company
  • We answer the phone 17 hours/day
  • All of your calls are recorded, holding us to the highest standards
  • GoDo's Call Center is 100% in-house. We do not outsource a single phone call to anyone

Take a break - you deserve it!

Providing great customer support is vital to growing your company. However, it really can be a drain - financially and in time.

Some of our clients decide to have us answer their calls 100% of the time. Others only forward their calls to us when they are giving a tour, or spending time with their family. The choice is yours.

The less time you spend on tasks that others could be doing, the more time you'll have to enjoy your life, build your business, or whatever else is important to you. Allow us to do the 'grunt work'!

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