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GoDo Is An Ideal Solution For White Water Rafting Companies

GoDo’s Software will help your Rafting Company run smoothly, while helping you sell more tickets

We have it all covered – from selling your tickets, managing your waivers, and keeping guests happy. Throw in our Web Design experts, and GoDo is the best company for Rafting Companies to partner with

White Water Rafting is one of America’s favorite ways to get out and enjoy nature. Whether you’re on the Youghiogheny in Ohiopyle, the Nantahala in North Carolina, or the American River out West, running a Rafting Company can be as big of an adventure, if not more, than trying to pick your way down an un-scouted Class V rapid.

One advantage over our competitors that GoDo has is that our CEO actually used to work for a White Water Rafting company in Ohiopyle Pennsylvania. As a Lead Guide, he also helped with the daily operations. Preparing equipment, cleaning lifejackets, giving safety talks, and much more. So, when building GoDo we kept a lot of those things in mind, which allowed us to build software that is well adapted to the White Water Rafting market.

The entire team at GoDo (Client Support, Web Design, and Marketing, etc) is experienced when it comes to helping tour companies of all kinds become more profitable and less chaotic! Starting with our Activity Operator Software, which is ideal for companies who run Rafting Trips, and then finishing with our Web Design and Marketing experts, GoDo is your one-stop-shop if you’re operating any kind of White Water Rafting Company.

How does GoDo help Rafting Tour Companies?

Whether you’re looking to try a new booking software, need a new website, or need help providing customer support, GoDo is there for you.

Tour Management Software

Accept Ticket Sales Online

Save time managing guests and staff

Increase revenue with sales abandonment tools

Make your business easier to manage and less stressful

Our Solution:
The GoDo Online Booking Platform

Web Design and Marketing

Get a modern website which makes you more money

Get peace of mind from a professional team

Increase revenue, SEO and more

You’re tired of competitors doing better than you

Our Solution:
GoDo’s Web Design and Marketing Agency

Managed Customer Support

You’re spending too much time on the phone

You miss calls, therefore missing revenue

You want to offer chat with your website visitors, but don’t have the time

You want to be known as a company with superior customer service

Our Solution:
Our Call Center and Managed Chat

Get more people in your rafts with our Software for Rafting Companies

It is no secret that more than ever your guests expect a quick and easy ticket buying process. GoDo allows you to sell tickets for your Rafting Trips, online. By simply placing a small snippet of code on your website you can be selling tickets in a matter of minutes!

GoDo also gives you the ability to manage your guests before and after they join you. We allow you to edit your customers, send them emails asking them to review your rafting trip, and much more.

Our inventory management system will make setting up your ticket sales a breeze. Whether you want to limit certain time slots, automatically increase capacity, or sell add-ons to increase your revenue, GoDo will make all of this as easy as can be.

For more information about our software for White Water Rafting companies simply get in touch with us or schedule a no-obligation demo.

Web Design for Rafting Companies

Most White Water Rafting Operators work in the same area as many other operators. This means that competition can be quite tough for you and your company. Having a great website that can be found in Google and converts site visitors into customers is vital to your success.

Here at GoDo we only build websites for companies in the Tour and Activity industries. We have probably built more websites for Tour Companies that any other company in the World. What this means is that you get a team which has the experience to develop your website right, the first time. We know what makes website visitors turn into paying guests. We know how to rank Tour and Activity company websites well, in Google and other search engines. As with any service, hiring a company that specializes in exactly what you do will always give you an advantage.

Whether you’re looking for a few updates to your website, a whole new one, or just need advice on whether you even need help, GoDo is here for you. We’ll offer our honest feedback based on your current website. We’ll show you how we can help grow your sales and increase your revenue. Your initial consultation is always free, with no obligations! Even if you choose to not hire GoDo you’ll be provided with an in-depth analysis of your website with steps you can take, yourself, to improve your website.

Save Money by using our Call Center

GoDo offers the only US-Based Call Center for Tour and Activity Companies. This also includes White Water Rafting Companies. When you’re looking to save time and money, the GoDo Call Center is the way to go.

All of our call center agents are trained extensively in inbound sales techniques and customer service skills. We only hire the best people to represent companies like yours.

The main benefit of outsourcing your calls to a professional call center is the amount of time you’ll gain back. No more will you have to be tied to your phone, interrupting important family time or anything else. In addition, you’ll find that our call center is very cost-effective, saving you money on payroll.

If you’re interested in how GoDo’s Call Center can save your Rafting Company money and time, simply get in touch with us!