Get more qualified traffic, resulting in more sales, with Pay-per-Click advertising

Do you want more clicks, leads and guests? You need a great PPC campaign run by the best PPC agency in the Tour and Activity market

Pay-per-Click advertising is a great way to quickly get more guests on your tours and activities. Whether you're using PPC on Facebook, or on Google (Adwords), you can usually start seeing results in a matter of days.

Using PPC, you can leapfrog your competitors in Search Engine rankings, without the years of work that SEO can often require. You may know that 97% of online experiences start with a visit to a search engine (Google, Bing, etc). But did you know that the first 3 results get over 45% of all clicks? By not being in those top positions, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. You competitors surely appreciate at that. However, you're not in business to make things easy for your competitors.

Why should Tour and Activity Companies use PPC?

  • PPC advertising gives you tight control over your budget
  • Quickly reach a desired ROI
  • We create highly targted ads for people most likely to buy from you

Here at GoDo, our PPC Specialists can usually get your company up and running in less than 48 hours. We are very experienced in setting up PPC campaigns for companies just like yours. We have thousands of hours of experience which will greatly benefit your efforts, and quickly result in a positive ROI.

By using the GoDo online booking platform, you can save up to 50% on all services offered by GoDo!

Our Pay-per-Click Packages

We allow you to select a pre-design package, or customize a package. Every company's PPC needs differ greatly, so our PPC packages allow you to select the one you need.
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Starter PPC

  • Monthly Adjustments
  • Bi-Weekly Reporting
  • For up to $5,000/monthly budget
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Premium PPC

  • Weekly Bid Adjustments
  • Weekly, in-depth reporting
  • For over a $5,000/monthly budget
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  • On Demand Work
  • Great for tune-ups
  • A lot of help, or a little
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