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SSL Certificates for Tour Companies

Why your Tour Company needs a secure website

Want to lose ticket sales every day? Leave your website unsecured.

One of the most popular web browsers in the World, if not THE most popular is Google Chrome. Recently Google Chrome made a move to identify websites that are not secured with an SSL Certificate. Now, when someone visits a website that is not secured with SSL, that visitor will see a ‘Not Secured’ message. Keeping in mind that you want people to enter their credit cards to purchase tickets for your tours or events, this is a very bad thing – if your website isn’t secured.

This is how Google Chrome shows secure vs non-secure websites
How Browsers, such as Chrome displays your URLs can make or break your sales efforts.

You’re losing sales if your website is not secure – period

Study after study has shown that if your website is not secured with an SSL certificate your conversions will go down. Fewer people will buy tickets from you when they think that your website is not secured.

The reality is, all of their credit card numbers and personal information is safe when you use GoDo, even if your website is not. Our booking flow is secured beyond industry standards – but you cannot expect your guests to know this. Simply seeing the ‘Not Secured’ message in their browser is enough to scare away a lot of guests.

The estimates are that almost 50% of potential ticket buyers will not buy tickets once they see this warning, even if they had every intention to before visiting your website.

Installing an SSL Certificate

Installing an SSL certificate is fairly straight-forward, but the process can be greatly different depending on the company you’re using for your website hosting. If you’re a GoDo client, simply message us and we will do the work for free! If you’re not a GoDo client (why not?) you will simply want to contact your hosting company and ask them to install an SSL certificate to protect your website. Depending on the company you use, this can cost anywhere from $49 – $349 per year. Money well spent!

Here at GoDo, we’re much more than a software to sell your tickets and manage your Tour/Activity company. We do everything we can to help you increase your revenue and make your life easier. So, if you need help understanding the issue, you have questions, or you want us to fix this for you, just let us know!

Tim Nealon is the CEO & Founder of GoDo. With many years in the tour and activity industry, Tim is a leader in the industry. From starting and building a multi-million dollar tour company to starting his first Web Design company 20 years ago, Tim has the experience to help guide your company to success.

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